Drayton Family Research Update: Slaves in Grimke Family Records

     The histories of the Drayton and Grimke families of Charleston are closely intertwined. The connection began with the marriage of Thomas Smith Grimke (1786-1834), son of John Faucheraud Grimke (1752-1819) and Sarah Smith (1764-1839), to Sarah Daniel Drayton (1794-1867), daughter of Thomas Drayton (1758-1825 ) and Mary Wilson of Magnolia Plantation. 
      Having no male heirs to leave his estate to, Thomas Drayton bequeathed Magnolia Plantation successively to grandsons Thomas Grimke and John Grimke, sons of his daughter Sarah Drayton Grimke. The bequest was made on the condition that his grandsons would adopt the surname Drayton... READ MORE
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