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The Lowcountry Africana Resource Library by Michael Hait: Principles of Sound Genealogical Research


The Lowcountry Africana Resource Library by Michael Hait: Principles of Sound Genealogical Research

 Finding a record on Lowcountry Africana that names an ancestor is exciting. But how can you use that record to further your family research?

Genealogist/historian Michael Hait, Coordinator of the Lowcountry Africana Genealogy Resource Library, offers advice for conducting sound genealogical research, documenting sources and evaluating evidence. Michael's library is growing. We invite you to visit and enjoy!

Here is sampling of the offerings in Michael's Resource Library:

What is the Genealogical Proof Standard?

The Genealogical Proof Standard provides an outline for sound and responsible genealogical research. By subscribing to its standards, you can ensure that your research will be as accurate as possible.

What Constitutes a Genealogical Source Record?

Under the current standards of genealogical proof, source citation and analysis are supreme. But what constitutes a genealogical source record?

Evaluating a Source Record

One important aspect of the Genealogical Proof Standard is its focus on the principles of sound record analysis. Using these principles, you will be able to distinguish between different types of record, information, and evidence and use these distinctions, together with other factors, to determine the reliability of your facts.
In the last article, we discussed the various terms and considerations necessary to properly evaluate source records.  Here we will apply this process to a record relating to the Lowcountry...
The entire content of Lowcountry Africana is, and always will be, 100% free. We invite you to enjoy, and share your comments on, the articles in Michael's Resource Library!

Lowcountry Africana Welcomes Michael Hait as Coordinator of Resource Library

Lowcountry Africana Welcomes Michael Hait as Coordinator of Resource Library

Lowcountry Africana, a free website dedicated to African American genealogy and history in the Lowcountry Southeast (SC, GA and FL) is pleased to welcome Michael Hait as Coordinator of the Lowcountry Africana Resource Library. In his new role at Lowcountry Africana, Michael Hait will develop and grow the website's online library with helpful resources on how to conduct a successful ancestor search.        
Michael Hait is superbly qualified for his new role at Lowcountry Africana. He began tracing his own family tree at the age of nine, questioning his grandparents and great-grandparents to learn more, and has continued for over twenty years.  His family tree can be traced back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries on some lines.

He is the creator of The Family History Research Toolkit CD-ROM, available from Genealogical Publishing Co., and has authored several articles for Family Chronicle magazine.  He also writes the African-American Genealogy Examiner column for, where he shares a wealth of information on genealogical methods, as well as in-depth advice on how to get the most from particular record sets. 
Michael is the Master Editor of a book on Civil War soldiers from the Albany (New York) "hilltowns", and is currently compiling information for a future book on slave families of Prince George's Co., Maryland.  Michael is also the administrator for the Genealogy Trails websites for Prince George's, Charles, and St. Mary's counties in southern Maryland.

Michael is a current member of the National Genealogical Society, the Association of Professional Genealogists (National Capital Area chapter), the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, the Afro-American Historical Genealogical Society, the Maryland Historical Society, the Maryland Genealogical Society, and the Prince George's Co. Genealogical Society.
Lowcountry Africana is honored to welcome Michael Hait. We look forward to his contributions and to the quality his depth of experience and expertise will add to the Lowcountry Africana team!    

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